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JH_BeSonic 07/21/2006

Artist review

Trip Hop Lives! Or how could a timelessly beautiful, melancholic style, carried by slurred Trip Hop beats, ever be over!?

Blujuice aka Stefan Frericks (aka zett) und Thilo Lemke (aka solo) from Munich have assembled an impressive music catalogue with their sparsely instrumented, yet melodic and laid back Trip Hop songs and the mix of talented female singers, which you find here at BeSonic.

Whether the fragile-cheeky voice of Kyra on "It all comes back", the warm cooing vocals of Eliana on "Funny Valentine", who reminds me of the ex -Morcheeba singer Skye Edwards, Chris' lovely, tender voice on the experimental track "The Wrong Thing" or the bitter sweet voice of Stef on "Chains". All of them have an irresistible something to them, giving each song its own direction.

The production is sometimes danceable, but mostly dreamy, playful, spheric Electro music, which is never to lean to be boring. You get trumpet sounds, spanish guitar licks, harp sounds over sparse beats, samba rhythms and vocals in portuguese, a Deep Club remix or even jazzy spheres. The guys draw from various sounds and influences for almost every taste, without being to diverse or overloaded.

Blujuice, who have been collaborating since over 10 yaers may not have invented Trip Hop all-together, but their airy, timeless tracks aren't far fetched from Trip Hop pioneers like Morcheeba
of Portishead. And considering, they started doing Trip Hop in '95 proves, they've already almost been there from day one.

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