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db_BeSonic 07/24/2006

Artist review

Fortunately the big, big field of electronic music with it's colourfull and growing spectrum will never be felt out completely. A wonderful part of this wide range though is managed by the designerthumbs from the UK.

Either ambient, trippy tunes, D'n'B, old- or newskool or various kinds of fresh beats, the designerthumbs feel at home right there. Even within each genre they show a wide range of emotional contents and give balance to every fluctuation.

Guitars, bass and vocals are as easyily handled as strings, bleeps or brrrps. The almost orchestral handling of sounds give a high volume, diversified soundexperience.

Though they have such  varying structures the designerthumbs always stay true to their game and grab deeply into the listeners' minds, simply to pull everything into a warming light, wraps it up with sound and lets the mind glide beyond its borders. 

Whoever is taken into the swirl of their uploads right here, can only stay stuck with this electronic delusion.
Simply click on repeat or just let the BeSonic-player run with their tunes all day&night-

Quality, creativity, sounds, depth etc...all thumbs up high here!


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