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1 Cup Of Dreams
JH_BeSonic 08/02/2006

Artist review

This little sexy R&B beasts' voice is sweet and flowing like honey, little sticky, but..would any of you guys object?

At the tender age of 17 this gal sings Bubblegum, that sticks to your ears. Born in Singapore Diyana now lives in Stuttgart, Germany.

The multi-cultural gal combines beautiful javanese, malayan, indian and chinese roots with her singing and dancing talents to a powerful solo project.

She took singing, StreetDance, Hip Hop and Tap Dance classes at the New York City Dance School and already won the German Juniorships with her Crew The Junior Steppers.

Her songs, three of which you can hear at BeSonic were tailored to her voice. Bubblegum R&B after the American model: groovy drum loops (a little too artificial), sweet, rolling melodies, big (synthy) string sections and warm piano chords, which Diyana's cute voice and range embrace with ease.

I wish her all the best of luck and success for the future and would imagine a more authentic and stronger production could fit her a bit better..

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