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Gino Foti 09/18/2006

Artist review

Drawing from an eclectic list of influences and styles across the musical spectrum, Inubia - comprised of vocalist Jasmin Heinrich and guitarist Oliver Schwarz - brings to BeSonic a refreshing new flavor to the singer/songwriter and alternative folk/rock formulas.

Since all of Inubia's material contains lyrics, I will refrain from quoting or explaining in detail about what I think they mean, as I feel it robs new listeners from creating those vital first impressions and connections with the words, and in turn with the musicians.

What I can say, however, is that I really enjoyed how the two artists complement each other in a natural musical symbiosis. Their sound is characterized by "live off the floor" performances, and even through digital compression, the compositions retain a wonderful organic quality.

Jasmin's tone can be described as warm - maybe even "buttery" at times - utilizing detailed nuances in a confessional approach of her lyrics resulting in an intimate and honest delivery. Unlike the majority of her peers, Jasmin has enough confidence in her voice that she doesn't feel the need to oversing, or use other types of histrionics that 'American Idol' wannabes employ to get cheap applause.

The guitars are clean and performed intelligently, steering clear of hackneyed chord progressions and switching techniques wherever possible to help frame the arrangement, as well as creating a lovely background for the vocals. Two quick examples: In "Where's The Girl", Oliver uses muted picking, slides, and a crescendo in the middle of the arrangement; and in the ending of my personal favorite, "Mother Earth", he fades away like a vapor trail on the horizon while Jasmin remains in the foreground for a nice effect.

If you are the type of person who looks and listens for honesty and intimacy in their music, I strongly suggest that you give Inubia a listen.

Side note: Although based in Cologne, Germany, the vocals are sung in English.

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