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Inubia 10/18/2006

Artist review

A guy, who to me initially sounds like he’s down with tonsilitis, turns out to be a laid-back bloke from Hildesheim in Germany, who sweetens up your afternoon with in front of the computer.

You’ll soon get the feeling of having some extra spare time, once his songs are played over your computer boxes...

He doesn’t tell us much about himself on his Besonic Homepage. But his three songs point to a definite direction: laid-back, spartanic acoustic singer/songwriter stuff, with a good overall athmosphere, which definitely is all you need: very relaxed, cool, almost sleepy, but in a nice way.

On the first song on his BeSonic page “Liebes Lied” Freizeit says the most important things in a few words, and is lyrically as well as musically spartanic as the other songs. But all get their message across. Hopefully his loved one return to him under the duvet...

“Mein erster Kaffee” together with his voice, really sounds like the man’s just come out of bed to get his first coffee and ahhh we all know that feeling..It’s just his voice, acoustic guitar and a harmonica – all very spartanic, again, but very nice ‘n easy..Especially the notion of your first coffee in the morning sounds all good.

The third song “Zauberei und Rote Grütze” (Magic and Red fruit jelly) aren’ t to be taken too literal..maybe like many things in life..The song sounds like a phantasm he made up while, walking his home town of Hildesheim. Could happen to any of us, not just in Hildesheim.

Keep it going Mr. Freizeit from Hildesheim!

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