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db_BeSonic 10/28/2006

Artist review

Corey McVann loves music. Right here at BeSonic he presents us a spectrum so bright in every colour, simply showing us that music also loves him.

If you have any acoustic borders to break, you’ll might just tear them down now just for a few songs (if you will manage to finally break them, even better!).
Quiet a few people will love this Hexen-stuff, since alternative music and electronica come together so well here. Not loveless like „Oh, I’m so bored. I might try something else, ´cause it’s oh so hip!“. No way! No boredom felt right here. You’ll see or better listen, that it is not so hard to open up. Other things are a lot harder. “How Hard”? Hm, this is an abyssal threnody about the flintiness of life and to be totally aware of that fact. If your love tells you that it’s over now, quiet a few humans will experience a break down on this. Corey McVann takes that heartache to put it into his music, which is transporting it right towards the listener’s mind. But don’t be afraid about fear, you can simply download it and install…Hm? What? Emotional content for download? Install it? Oh yeah, that’s right, it’s possible right here at the Hexen’s: „Install The Fear“! Dark lyrics embedded in music, which is giving maximum underscore with just a few sounds and with that giving the lyrics the perfect counterbalance. Reluctant as sweeping.
Talking about sweeping, you can find an absorbing spiral nebula getting closer to the “Battlescars”. Suddenly you will not find yourself in a guitaristic world anymore, but you can dive into finest electronica! Yeah, let’s go for that spacebattle giving us those lasting scars! This is a trip into the inside, where not only strange dullness occurs, but also a tasty, freaky tale! Ok, let's calm down (Coincidentely I was just reminded about Aphex Twin's Rubber Johnny. For those who don’t know it: Puh, THAT is freaky, but sooo good!).
Oh, that’s right, we just wanted to calm down now,...3, 2, 1... let it flow,...easy and sweet! Definitely possible with the „Floaters“. They might be a bit eldritch, but listening closer, they are fluffy journeymen! I don’t know if their faces are according to that fluffiness!? Hm, faces say so much, that’s why there’s a song about them: Hexen’s “Your Face”!

Ok, let’s put it to an end, especially when the end is so interesting as „Endgame“. This is where Corey’s guitarplay and his electronic influences melt to something new.
Really cool, that this man does everything by himself and is a complete homerecorder, respect for that!
Anyways, let’s rock! “Suck My Phat One”! This is an acid-bigbeat-banger between raps, funk and dark technoism, set on a fat bass to make you finally shake it! I leave you with this to go out into the weekend and do it…..whatever you want!

Now it’s about time for you to love his music!

Long love the Hexen! Word!

Hexen (German) = witches (Engl.)

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