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db_BeSonic 11/07/2006

Artist review

If you are open to electronica, psychedeliciousness, industreality, experimentalism, you’ll become a fan of halopain. On the one hand wearing a halo can be painful, but on the other hand it shows so much beauty.

The halopain output right here is weird. It is really creative and connected with deep thoughts as it seems, since the building of bridges musically is as impressive as it is shocking for any chart orientated listener. But who wants to be one of those?!

Soundworlds can be reached through 9- to 14-minutes-trips, partly a little bizarre,  partly pretty emotional and with good hooks. Actually every track is telling a story here. The stories are colourful, fantastic and diversified; either you like’em or you don’t!

About some of the tracks:
Easy and sunny, a little dizzy is the trip to
Idaho: fields going by, the sun is diffusely blinking in the rear-view mirror and even the ashtray blows out smoky streamy clouds to glide through the half-open window.

The dream about endless falling until you going up in flames bit by bit are common to every hobby-maniac. Listening to this though, might be a totally new experience – falling forever and bursting into flames.

The Dissolve Episode 2 (feat. Eric Allan) is definitely psychoactive! Some things are positively going wrong here and through 12:37 minutes your brain is surely being a little liquefied. Pretty straight compared to the other tracks, more electronic and with a deep, dirty baseline this one kicks it off to mix effectively with some vocals to come out as an intoxicating whole and all of a sudden you are in the middle of a track, which could also spook around in a SilentHill-game. A piano carrying us away from voices, deeper into unclear areas as it seems. Then…beat, piano and these irritating voices opening a new chapter…just listen for your self!

This is for fans of the british Warp-label, gamesoundtracks etc…. psychedelicious!

Sounds weird!? Well, it IS!

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