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db_BeSonic 01/04/2007

Artist review
Krita Yuga

Quiet a few for some of us unusual instruments are being played impressively in Japan and a lot of interesting stuff is coming from Tokyo. And Krita Yuga belongs to that!

Hiroshi Onoue aka Krita Yuga has walked an almost lyrical way of musical life. First cheap e-guitar as a 14 years young boy, then step by step tasting the electronic influences of sound, first sequencers etc and then - cut! - with the urge to get around and out of Japan to get blessed with loads of new influences, Hiroshi decided to travel around. During his travels he found the sita as an instrument one of a kind and got the chance to play with some musicians, even international ones. The sita is definetly THE instrument showing the most influences to his music presented on BeSonic.. In combination with varies electronic devices, some real intersting soundtrips were born to show us some ear- and mind- travelling. The merging of his capabilities is realy enjoyable!

So in case you are already a fan of the sita sounds (and even if you are not YET!), light up your sins and take a ride on the sounds of Krita Yuga. Impressive!

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