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Yes, the bumpy Motown - SUPREMES sound is back on everyone`s lips. A matter of style to know the entire Motown and Stax back catalog for- and backward, as if it were yesterday. The current initial spark by the British boozer babe with DIANA - ROSS - memorial - voice - of - the - century AMY WINEHOUSE came up pretty close to the originals, refurbished only at certain points. The British Martha and Ben Conway and Lucy Dimond, however, do it in an equally eclectic, but rougher way, almost 1:1 in this tune. The result - of course - get`s a move on, for sure. It could be argued, how much ripping-off is allowed before it really only comes up calculated - Clever, finally? Well, however... one must confess: these boys and girls got it going on for sure!

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