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Paul Cipro is a lyrical rock artist whom has been performing and recording over 10 years. Born there, Cipro is still based on Long Island, in New York.

Paul Cipro has received airplay on major radio and college stations in the New York metro area as well as Long Island...

Cipro has been a featured artist and appeared in the top 10 Music charts at and is listed with and Audiobaba as well.

Bandmitglieder und Instrumente:
Paul Cipro: Guitars, keyboards, vocals

Erik Briggs: Bass Guitar

Chris Carroll: Drums

Ähnliche Künstler:
Hard to say, really...

Beeinflusst von:
The Beatles, The Cars, The Original Mirrors, School of Fish, REM, The Kinks, Mountain, Bob Dylan, Rainbow and many others.

Herkunft: Nordamerika - USA USA

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Paul Cipro

Holden's SongHolden's Song (3:31)
DarknessDarkness (3:51)
Resurrection in SteelResurrection in Steel (5:16)
Visual PurpleVisual Purple (4:43)
People Behind the WindowsPeople Behind the Windows (4:28)

Letzte Forumsaktivität
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