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This is what Besonic scouts wrote about BUSHFIRE (Click on picture/headline to read the complete review):

Song feature

The Fiend
"It`s a satanic drug thing you wouldn`t understand" is how the infamous MONSTER MAGNET head DAVE WYNDORF once circumscribed himself and his men. And these legendary institution, which along with KYUSS marked modern Stoner Rock likeno one else, is responsible for the BUSHFIRE guys to be more than only a referencial point quite obviously. "The Fiend" is a dirty, sweaty BLACK SABBATH reference plus a little MC5 charm. This mutha rocks!

A German response to MONSTER MAGNET with a real sweaty Stoner-burner, indeed. "In Black" comes straight to the point and oozes of dirty rock `n` roll-power in best MC5 meets BLACK SABBATH-tradition, which this band embodies so obvious and with an authenticity that really may pull the rug out from under your feet. Let `s get dirty - thumbs up!