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Whether called Meditative Jazz, World Jazz, or World Fusion, Neon Egypt's offering is decidedly unique. Expressive, free-flowing saxophone melodies float gracefully over Taiko-like melodic drum lines, featuring the one-of-a-kind Shendai Ceremonial Drums.

All of Neon Egypt's selections are "first takes" of spontaneously improvised intuitive music, recorded live. None of their pieces have a predetermined form or concept, a title, or even a key or time signature before play is begun - each is truly a unique product of the moment. Yet each has clear musicality, satisfying coherence and unmistakable structure. The broad foundation of melodic drum and percussion music created by Steven Miller's Shendai Ceremonial Drums allows master jazz saxophone soloist Harrison Goldberg freedom to weave an artful musical offering in real time. The result... well, you are invited to listen for yourself!

Band Members & Instruments:
HARRISON GOLDBERG - Tenor, Alto, and Soprano saxophones

STEVEN MILLER - Shendai Ceremonial Drums, gongs, bells, cymbals, and miscellaneous percussion.

Similar Artists:
Ian Bederman, Robert Rich, Pharoah Sanders, Paul Winter, Paul McCandless, Oregon, Codona

Influenced by:
World Jazz, African, Middle Eastern and Oriental music, Gagaku, Noh (No) Theatre, Free Jazz, Creative Music, New Music, Mysticism, Taiko, Karlheinz Stockhausen

Origin: North America - USA USA


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Neon Egypt

Passage To DjiboutiPassage To Djibouti (5:07)
Night of the LotusNight of the Lotus (5:57)
PhaedraPhaedra (3:23)