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Feel good rhythmns and lyrics which make you think!
Whitehouse is the Rock-Pop band founded by lead singer Jose Amigo and lead guitarist Stephan Simon.
Whitehouse provides the listener with a new blend of stiles in their music:
From very western pop guitar compositions to blazing rock runs and licks, with lyrics that remind the listener that “the song” is back and in great force.
The songs by Jose Amigo are sung both in English and Spanish, uniquely combining both musical cultures on one single album.
Their current release “Games” contains 14 tracks, which also features the song “Cuentan que el” used in the US TV award winning series “The Shield”.
Enjoy! semusic


Black Mountain Productions Inc.
89009 NV USA

Band Members & Instruments:
Jose Amigo-voc,keys,rhythm guitars
Stephan Simon-lead,acoustic guitars
Jerry Loeffler-basses
Raimund Breitfeld-drums

Similar Artists:
Sting, Billy Joel, Santana, Paul Simon

Influenced by:
Sting, Santana, The Beatles, Mozart, Peter Gabriel, Genesis, Rolling Stones, Fleetwod Mac, Beethoven, Bach, Pavlovs Dog, Uriah HeepBach, , Pop, Latin, Rock,

Origin: Europe - Germany Germany

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Nobody to blameNobody to blame (5:12)
Cuentan que elCuentan que el (6:42)
The games that people playThe games that people play (4:41)
Mal de amoresMal de amores (3:25)
AlrightAlright (3:29)

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