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Born to the mortician who buried Louie Armstrong...Pe Blackwish grew up in a funeral home in Amityville, Long Island, NY. Because of the strict rules of the household, Pe began writing poetry and creating various visual artworks to escape her world of solitude. She is also a world renowned inventor and multi - instumentalist, her favorite instrument being the parlor organ. In her late teens she began practicing singing old jazz standards, followed by funk and punk rock in her college years, while acquiring a Bacherlor's Degree in Fine Arts. In 2003 she formed a non-profit spreading peace and environmental awareness thru art and music, Environmentally Sound Music TM, in order to produce her live performance art, theatre productions, music performances and videos. Pe's unmatched beauty coupled with her introverted and unsuspecting nature lead her into a barage of heart ache brought on by powerful men wise to the ways of the world. These breakups undoubletdly contribute to her dark style, and explicit lyrics found in her musical compositions known as BLACKWISH BONES. To find out more about Pe please visit or email

Influenced by: Eyrka Badu, Estelle, Guapole