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While crossing the country side in 2011 in search of allies, the Guitar Vamp came upon an ally from each region; Thor = strength, Apollyon = destruction, Lycan Shredder = mayhem and Mistress Demona = mysticism. With his own strengths and ability to draw in even the fairest of lily white skinned maidens the Guitar Vamp is now able to unleash the ultimate of ultimate… Epic Death.
Epic Death, a metal band like no other metal band, finds its home in Houston Texas. Each member of the band brings with them something that as a whole creates a massive explosion of fast shredding, thundering beats and dark creepy tones.
Much like the four horsemen of the apocalypse Epic Death sets out to destroy and conquer, to rule and prevail and to grow their numbers… to increase their horde that they call “The Undead”.

Band Members & Instruments:
Current Band Members:
The Guitar Vamp (Dennis Dorsett)-Lead/Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
The Lycan Shredder (Jason Mancuso) - Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Thor / TC (Chris Khrain) - Thunderous Drums
Mistress Demona (Becky Dorsett) - Keyboards<

Similar Artists:
cradel, slayer, death, manowar

Influenced by:
all heavy metal

Origin: North America - USA USA - Texas

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