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Name: Michael Kolepke

BeSonic Online-Editorial Office / Cologne

I like: Music, Internet, Dogs, Springtime, Autumn, Spaghetti, Cigarettes, Beer, Guitars, Synthesizer, Pop, Minimal Techno, Dramatic, Horror-Movies, Laughter, Absurdity, Honesty, Watch TV (at night), Cinema, Books

I don`t like: Cats, Summer, Sunburn, Fat, Italo-Pop, Romantic Movies, Swimming, Bicycling, Brightness, Bad Teeth, Humorlessness, Unpunctuality, Early Rising

Important is: To have a coffee after awakening and to get a chance to conquer the early morning bad temper!

Right now I listen to the following albums (among others/Summer 2008): Eheruncool - "Wonach Wir Suchen"(Album-Demo) // Ride - "Going Blank Again" // TheHorrorTheHorror - "s/t" // 120 Days - "s/t" // Love Of Diagrams - "Mosaic" // Tocotronic - "Kapitulation" // Lauter Bäumen - "Demo 2007" // Oma Hans - "Peggy" // Pechsaftha - "Dick In Frisco" // EA80 - "Reise"...

Questions and/or comments? Please use my contact-sheet.