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i'm playing drums! i had my first recordrelease (a big share of nothing / 10"-vinyl / radioblastrecords) with the band "THE TEN BUCK FUCK". that was my first really asskicking band. one year later in 1999 we came up with a 7"-single called "i'm a creep". we played seven years togehter and finaly, in the end of the Year 2001, we brought out our LP (12"-vinyl-album and CD) called "rockcoach" and splitted after the release. In that time between 1995 and 2002 i had different sideprojects. for example the band "pone". we recorded 3-tracks and released a single( 7") on rewika-records. i played 4 years with "i saw elvis" and we recorded about one million songs. something like this;-) In 2003 we released the album "den ganzen weg bin ich gerannt" on disturb-records, Sonny Vincent 's recordlabel..... he is one of the first punkrockers from N.Y. he is a solo artist and he played with a lot of great musicians for example Ron and Scott Asheton from Iggy's Stooges. his band "the testors" played 1978 in the CBGB's their first show. In this time I was 4 years old. In 2004 Sonny was searching for someone who plays the Drumms for an european tour. 22 shows in one month. and by asking somebody who asked somebody else, somebody asked me if i would like to do this job. yeah! on tour with Bobby Steel(ex-Misfits), Ivan Julian(ex-Richard Hell & the Voidoiz), Sonny Vincent and Marc (baseplayer from france).

that was one of the best experiances in my life. i also went on tour with a ska-punk-band called "Regatta69" from north-carolina. they had bad luck and they had to cancel the tour or find a drummer for the last 2 weeks. a friend of mine found them stranded in wiesbaden ( my hometown) and one day later I was on the way to Slovenia......

the last threeandahalf years i played in the band 200SACHEN and to get all details about us visit

Now- it is summer 2006- i am rehearsing with a new band called REDONDO BEAT

Influenced by:
John Bonham(ledzep), Keith Moon(The Who), Buddy Rich, Dave Grohl, Mitch Mitchel(Jimi Hendrix), Scott Asheton (the Stooges), Iron Maiden(first 2 albums), Metallica(first 3 albums), ACDC(BonScott-Stuff), Soundgarden, Danko Jones, the New Bomb Turks, Cake, Bla


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uzi mayer

den ganzen weg bin ich geranntden ganzen weg bin ich gerannt (4:02)